Visit Huatulco, Oaxaca

The nine, wonderful different bays in National Park of Huatulco Bay are currently undergoing preservation work, this park consists of several gorgeous beaches, most of them with quiet, greenish waters and amazing marine-life richness, making this destination earn a spot among the most popular destinations in the entire country. Huatulco Bay is located to the south of Oaxaca’s state, in the coast, right where the South Sierra Madre culminates. This town known as “Huatulco” is located between the rivers Coyula and Copalita outfalls, extending over 35 km of Pacific Ocean coastline.

Each one of the bays possess its own unique charm, also worth noting that is virtually impossible visiting one without touring near or inside the other. Tangolunda Bay is the one featuring the most prestigious hotels, sophisticated shopping malls and a golf course; Within Santa Cruz bay, La Entrega and Yerbabuena beaches show why is one of the most attractive bays in all Huatulco; Conejos bay offers four ideal beaches for scuba diving and fishing activities; Chahue bay is known for handling a low-profile lodging activity; Maguey and Organo bays are two bays basically joined together with great ecological richness; Chachacual bay offers two virgin beaches which only access is by boat; San Agustin is a bay with numerous reefs for scuba diving, also the island with the same name is the largest one in the entire territory; Cacaluta is a wide opened bay on a heart shape, this is the reason why the gorgeous landscapes are highly valued by many plastic artisans; and last but not least, Riscalillo’s bay with an incredible ecological life diversity, and which access is also only by boat departing from Santa Cruz bay.

As a whole, Huatulco offers a wide array of activities, the most remarkable water sports are: scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming; sport fishing, jet skiing, skiing, boat tours, kayaking, and rappelling. There’s nothing more romantic than taking a sail-boat tour during the afternoon, or touring around the nine bays on a yacht. It is common watching kids playing by the beach shores, making sand castles; adults also stroll around by the shores on bare foot, riding a horse, bikes or ATV’s through perfectly well shaped trails. An alternative activity performed here consists in visiting the coffee villages where the Coffee Pluma brand is produced. Around Huatulco areas, you can find some walls ideal for rappel and rock climbing in places like the Copalita Waterfall River and Punta Celeste in the Batazoo Park.

Without a doubt, this destination’s natural richness makes the promotion of environmental preservation a very vital necessity. Eco tourism is an activity that can be performed from the bottom of the water or walking through the Huatulco Sierra area. This is the place with the largest extension of coral reefs in North America’s West coast, and that scuba divers get to enjoy magnificently, moreover, this is also the home of more than 9,000 plant species, 700 bird species, over 250 mammals and more the 450 reptile species.