Activities & Things to Do in Huatulco

The nine bays that incorporate Bahias de Huatulco, along with its interesting surroundings, provide a wide range of activities, keeping tourists busy and entertained at all times.

Relaxing Activities in Huatulco


Treat your body in several Huatulco’ hotels. Some of these places offer spa’ services with treatments with clay products, acquaintances as "baño zapoteco", which is used as exfoliating and moisturizing sessions; likewise, you can also enjoy relaxing massages with essences and body-oil applications.


Ecotourism is an activity mainly focused on promoting the richness of the nature, admiring its diversity and practicing environmental protection. There are two special places in Huatulco's Bays to carry out this righteous activity. “The Magic Waterfalls of Copalatilla” on the Rio Copalita, belong to a community named San Miguel, two hours away from Huatulco, creating a beautiful natural swimming pool where visitors not only get to admire its landscape, flora and fauna, but also get to refresh-themselves or practice Tyrolean and rappel activities, in addition to the famous coffee farms which are another great attraction.

The National Park of “Bahias de Huatulco”, located towards the west of Santa Cruz Bay, has almost 12 thousand acres where you find over 9,000 species of jungle plants and more than 1,200 species of animals that go from small rodents to exotic birds and fearsome reptiles.


As for navigation, there are two Marinas that serve as reference point for expeditions. The Santa Cruz Marine Dock, in the Santa Cruz Bay, is a wharf over 300 meters long, with capacity for docking crafts of up to 90 thousand tons. The “Marina Chahue” is a private Marina that offers services to yachts and sailboats.

The Santa Cruz Bay is the especial departure point towards different bays and beaches, which only have access by sea, due to their terrestrial difficulties. A typical tour can take the tourists along the seven bays in one day, or going to different beaches, parks underwater, rocky formations as “Bufadero” and “Cara de Piedra” in the bay of “Organo”, or, take a cruise during Sunsets, more known as "Sunset Cruise".

Horseback Riding

Whether you practice horseback rides through jungle trails, in the sea shore, or creating trails between different spots in the bay, these are activities of choice competing side by side with mountain biking and four– wheel motorcycle tours. During these tours, visitors may directly admire flora and fauna to their fullest; for example, you can cross the jungle towards Rio Copalita, which by the way, there’s no car access. Visitors get to discover several bays which main access is by sea, nevertheless, this is an adventure that many tourists look forward to, making their way on horseback rides from one beach to another, without missing the chance of taking advantage of these beaches, enjoying a refreshing dive.

Water Activities


In Huatulco, kayaking is practiced in both sea and river (like "rafting"); the beaches offer rental equipment, single or double kayak. By making the Bay of Santa Cruz a reference point, there are two special places for this activity: Playa Ventura, 3 miles from Santa Cruz, located in Tangolunda's Bay, which is a place with quiet waves perfect for this activity; also, the Maguey and Organo beaches: two bays practically joined together, of thin white sand, warm water, with an emerald color and quiet waves allowing to admire natural beauties while taking a tour on a kayak. In Rio Copalita, it’s also common seeing tourists having a blast getting across the river rowing on a kayak.


Activities like Surfing, windsurfing or jet ski are exciting activities that can be performed in Huatulco's waters, all you need to do is ask in the lobby of any hotel in order to be orientated about beach clubs and agencies where you can rent this equipment and have lots of fun. Two of the main beaches that have “push in the wind” and proper waves for this activity are: Playa Esperanza, 1.5 km from Bay Chahue, 361 feet long, and Beach Cacaluta, heading west of Santa Cruz, for you to enjoy 1 km long of adventure.

River Rafting

Huatulco offers a couple of routes where you can practice rafting, an activity aboard canoes, rafts or kayaks for you to manage in the rapids. The ideal route for beginners is the La Ceiba to Puente Copalita, where even children and elder people might exercise and have fun. Another route of major risk is located from La Hamaca to La Bocanada, more than 40 km with seven “rapids” class III and one class IV, only for experienced people.

Sport Fishing

Playa Conejos, at Conejos Bay, features crystal clear water and fish species permitted for catching; additionally, it features transportation, rental equipment and expert guides who can always advice you with the best tips. Among the favorite species for fishing are: the joker, tuna, golden fish, and the valued species of black, blue and striped marlin. Due to this activity’ favorable development, Huatulco's Bay hosts the International Fishing Tournament of Sailfish, making this prey one of the most wanted trophies.


Submarine crags, islands, cliffs, coral reefs and shipwrecks are treasures that you might want to explore. These reasons make Huatulco's Bays one of the favorite paradises for scuba diving in the Mexican Ocean. One of the benefits that this tourist destination offers is that these attractions underwater are relatively accessible, since most scuba diving sites don’t get any deeper than 26 feet.

The waters of La Entrega and San Agustin are some of the most popular beaches, in La Entrega you can find a park underwater, in San Agustin there is a shipwreck, and a reef of white coral in both; Cacaluta and Montosa Islands have coral stretches where an endless variety of exotic, multicolored species coexist, this species can be appreciated not very deep, among them, the cat shark; also sometimes, beautiful turtles can be sighted between the fancy forms of these corals.